‘Hannah Montana’ Castmates Had A Mini Reunion And The Pics Will Make Your Day


Who could ever forget the immortal words of Hannah Montana, when she took to the stage in 2006 and promised us all the best of both worlds.

That proclamation resounded and lived in the hearts of an entire generation, giving us hope we too can find that delicate balance between chilling out, taking it slow and then rocking out the show.

And then suddenly, that blonde-haired siren disappeared, and we were left with barely even the best of one world. Though Miley Cyrus has sworn she's buried that Hannah Montana wig for good, her co-stars are a lot happier to relive their old Disney days.


Emily Osment and Jason Earles (better known to "Hannah Montana" fans as loyal bestie Lilly Truscott and goofy older brother Jackson Stewart) had a serendipitous reunion this week.

Osment wrote she happened to run into her old co-star Earles on a hike, and then posted an adorable photo of the two of them.

Before we get to their recent reunion pic, here's a little reminder of what Osment and Earles looked like as Lilly and Jackson back in the early days of "Hannah Montana."


And now, here they are on their hike this Monday!


Awww, but where's Miley?! Still, if we can't get a full reunion with Miley involved, this is a great alternative.

Back when "Hannah Montana" was first starting in 2006, Emily Osment was probably best known for being the sister of "The Sixth Sense" star Haley Joel Osment, but thanks in part to the successful Disney series, now she's become a well-known name in her own right.

She's currently five seasons into her own sitcom: Freeform's "Young & Hungry" (which I've embarrassingly watched almost all of and kind of like in a light, half-paying-attention sort of way).

I think the big fact about Jason Earles on "Hannah Montana" was his age. He was 28 years old when the series first premiered, playing Miley Stewart's 16-year-old brother. Earles is still working in the Disney fold, most recently starring in the Disney XD martial arts series "Kickin' It."

From this adorable photo, it looks like there may be hope for a larger reunion yet!

Everyone in the cast, including Miley, did share their love for each other last year on the 10-year anniversary of "Hannah Montana," so they definitely still get along.

I think it's only a matter of time before the whole cast gets together again.

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