Guy Is Removing His 29 Miley Cyrus Tats Since She Called Them 'Creepy'


After Carl McCoid got divorced, he fell into a dangerous, addictive spiral.

But it wasn't drugs McCoid got himself mixed up with: It was Miley Cyrus.

Five years later, the super fan is looking to get his 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos removed after the singer herself accurately called them  -- and their owner -- “creepy."

McCoid spent about $4,450 on Miley-themed tattoos: He has two portraits, several inked iterations of her name, album covers and more covering his body.

In a recent interview, Cyrus reportedly called the tattoos “really ugly” and admitted she blocked the obsessive fan on Twitter, according to the Daily Mail.

Speaking about his tattoos, McCoid explained,

It will, ironically, cost several thousand dollars to get the emblems of obsession removed from his body, but he's willing to do it to find a girlfriend.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

See McCoid's troublesome tats, below:

He has her name, her face, her signature...

...a Bangerz tribute, a Miley tramp stamp...

...and a handful of Miley memorabilia.

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