The Girl From 'The Mighty Ducks' Is All Grown Up And You'll Feel Old (Photos)


I've never really been a big fan of sports movies -- unless we're talking about the epic Disney 90s movie "The Mighty Ducks."

Seriously, that hockey film was my jam back in the day.

Out of all the Ducks, Connie was always my favorite character because she wasn't afraid to flex a little girl power by being a boss bitch who held her own on the ice.

While it feels like this movie just made its debut yesterday, it's actually been 20 years since the release of "The Mighty Ducks" sequel, and your beloved Connie, played by Marguerite Moreau, is all grown up.

Thanks to social media, we were finally able figure out what this child star has been doing since she ditched her Disney days of playing ice hockey and let me tell you, a couple years really did this gorgeous gal justice.

Remember Marguerite Moreau from the 90s movie "The Mighty Ducks"?

You know, that cute kid who played Connie?

Well, she's not a puck-slinging ice princess anymore.

This Disney kid is all grown up.


And you'll be glad to know she certainly aged well.

Sorry, boys... This Mighty Duck isn't on the menu.

She's happily married to her handsome hubby, Chris Redman.

And these two lovebirds look adorable together.

Although it's been about 20 years since Marguerite ditched her days as #18 on the Ducks...

Movie Pilot

...she's still friends with all of her Disney teammates.

And she's just as much of a badass as she was in the 90s.

When she's not posing in front of the camera...

...you can find her making television appearances on shows like "Mad Men," "Shameless" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Or she's just hanging around and looking amazing, of course.