Gigi Hadid Posted A Sexy Pic Of Shirtless Zayn Malik On Snapchat

OK, why did no one tell me Gigi Hadid posts half naked pictures of Zayn Malik on her Snapchat sometimes?

Seriously, I thought you guys were my friends. All this time I've been wasting my life while I could have been looking at beautiful, shirtless photos of Zayn.

Rest assured, after seeing this snap she posted on Monday, I will never make the mistake of not following Gigi Hadid on any social media again.

I mean... hello:


Now that's what I call good content.

Does Gigi really wake up to that every day? And if she does, how can I get me one of those for myself?

I have a feeling that guitar beats the latest dumb alarm jingle I've selected on my iPhone by a mile. (No offense to Steve Jobs, RIP, it's not your fault your alarm jingles are so dumb.)

Anyway, based on the caption and the time of posting (around 9 am PST), clearly we are to assume Zayn "woke up like dis."

But I have my suspicions. Who looks THIS perfect right when they wake up?

That hair is perfectly coifed. Look at it. No one's hair sticks out evenly in all directions after sleeping. This is the work of some hair gel, possibly even MOUSSE.


Look at this skin! There are literally no blemishes, not even any oil! THIS IS CLEARLY BEEN LIGHTLY DABBED WITH SOME CONCEALER!


OK, that's really all I got. But still. I'm calling BULL on this morning beauty, ZAYN.

Ugh, who am I kidding? He really is just supernaturally beautiful.

Gigi and Zayn seem stronger than ever as a couple, what with the supportive tweets and the waking up and doing photoshoots together.

I guess couples who are supernaturally beautiful together, stay together.