Gigi Hadid Scans Her Butt While Destroying An Office

Listen, I don't want to say that I'm not a 5'10" tall fashion model who has taken the world by storm, but realistically Gigi Hadid and I do not have a lot in common.

But this video of Gigi is pretty relatable, TBH. It's how I enter my place of work almost every day.

"Please stop," cry my coworkers as they try to pick up the pile of papers I have knocked off the desk.

"That's a fire hazard," they scream as I use a fire extinguisher to get my rolling desk chair from point A to point B.

Constantly using the company Xerox machine to make copies of my butt makes them yell, "Please, this is so unsanitary. HR?"

I get it, Gigi.  The video of Gigi destroying Dazed and Confused Magazine's offices comes along with their new cover.

It's just further proof that Gigi Hadid is not slowing down anytime soon.

Just last week, Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger hosted a carnival at Manhattan's Pier 16 that featured their new line and a 40-foot Ferris wheel.

What will she do next? (I hope it's not destroy our offices... but I kind of hope it is.) Check out the video below!

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