Yep, There Was Definitely A Dick On FKA Twigs' Met Gala Dress

Monday night was the Met Gala, and all the stars came out for the occasion.

Robert Pattinson and his new fiancée, FKA twigs, were in attendance. Pattinson was wearing a tux and FKA twigs, well, she wore a dress with a dick on it.

Christopher Kane made the dress featuring what looked like an abstract painting of a male body.

Sure enough, right above her leg, there was the unmistakable image of a penis.

I suppose it's pretty edgy to wear a penis dress in public. But somehow, it doesn't seem that bad on FKA twigs.

It actually seems pretty classy and artistic in a weird way. It's like she's wearing a painting. Anyway, check out her dick dress below.

You might not see it at first.

A figure 'hugging' dress for FKA Twigs #metgala - read about the hand trend in fashion — SomethingAbtMagazine (@someaboutmag) May 5, 2015

But it's definitely there, right above her left thigh.

So erm... No one noticed something very "different" about @FKAtwigs's dress... — E! Online UK (@EOnlineUK) May 5, 2015

Yep, that's a dong on her dress.

Also I know Beyoncé is but can we take a minute to appreciate that FKA Twigs wore a dress with a phallus on — Day Z (@DaisyLindlar) May 5, 2015

Enhance. Enhance.

FKA Twigs was looking cute in that dress though Robert who? Pattinson what? — angel(y) (@itsbananababe) May 5, 2015

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