Feelin' Good, Livin' Better: 8 Signs You Might Think You're Drake

by Dia F.

Champagne Papi is an undisputed master of his craft.

From So Far Gone to If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the former "Degrassi" star has more hits than Mayweather in the ring.

Once upon a time, the rap community deemed him to be soft, but Drake has come up swinging the past two years with tough, boisterous songs, like "Worst Behavior" and "Trophies," which have since put him on the map in a completely different way.

But, what is it about Drake’s music that makes it so damn likeable? Why is he the one artist who consistently reigns, season after season?

In July 2013, I read Sophie Milrom’s post, “Drake’s the Man,” on Man Repeller, a popular fashion blog devoted to the unconventional, which explored her inexplicable devotion to Drake and her opinion on why his popularity has ensued.

Milrom labels Drake’s lyrics as “low common denominator,” meaning they are simplistic in nature, thus making them highly relatable, and I could not agree more.

Think about your relationship with Drake. He was there when you were down and out about an ex from three years ago.

He was there when your intramural basketball team hit a buzzer beater for the win. He was there when you turned up for your 21st birthday.

When you grind, Drake grinds. When you cry, Drake cries. When you smoke, Drake smokes.

You might feel as though you have a personal connection to Drizzy, or better yet, that you are Drizzy.

Here are eight signs you might think you’re Drake:

1. You started from the bottom, now you’re here.

Maybe you just graduated from college after a long five years (you took that victory lap, and you took it with pride). Maybe you grew up poor and now you’re ballin' like LeBron.

Maybe you had a wild pregame and finally got your sloppy crew to the club. Maybe you were down low at the casino, threw a couple ~*hunnet*~ on black and got back in the game.

Whatever it may be, you felt extremely hyped the second Drizzy uttered, “started.”

2. You rep Houston, Atlanta or Vegas.

Need I say more? *Houston girrrrls love the way it goes down.*

3. You speak in Drizzy.

Lately, I've come to find many people (men, especially) have adopted a lot of Drake’s verbiage.

When you caption a photo “way, way up,” “I’ll admit it, I’ll admit it,” "whole squad on that real sh*t" or “WORST,” you're speaking in Drizzy.

When you see two people hashing it out on Twitter and think to yourself, “That went 0-100 REAL quick,” you are speaking in Drizzy.

Has someone ever showed you a flashy, new item he or she recently purchased and you responded, "Oh, you fancy, huh? Were you runnin’ through the 6 with your woes?" Drizzy talk.

Drake’s lines are often short and powerful, packing a quick punch that easily makes way into your everyday talk.

You speak in Drizzy because you are Drizzy.

4. You have OVO in your name on social media.

For those of you who don’t know, October’s Very Own (OVO Sound) is Drake’s Toronto-based record label.

In 2013, Complex released a guide to who comprises OVO, although I’m sure it has since grown.

OVO has become much more than a label, though. In fact, it's more like a brand or an empire. If it’s somewhere within your social media, you likely want to be/think you are a part of it.

5. You follow members of OVO on social media.

If it wasn’t for his association with Drake, would you have any idea who Oliver El-Khatib is? Probably not.

You’ll argue that OVO 40 (Noah Shebib) is the best producer in the game, despite having little to no knowledge of music production.

You have a Manziel jersey and frequently hit the money pose in photos. This isn't just Drake's crew, this is your crew.

6. You think of someone whenever you hear "Shot for Me" or "Marvin’s Room."

Remember that time in your car? Late night, eyes welling up, shouting, "I’m just sayin’ you could do better"? Yeah, you do.

7. You might be too strung out on compliments and overdosed on confidence.

I’m not saying you’re conceited, I’m just saying you got it like that.

Whether it’s songs he’s written or songs in which he’s featured, listening to Drake makes you feel empowered and confident. He likely has a strong presence on your playlists for working out, getting ready and pregaming.

Girls who can relate to this one likely get ready to songs like "Shut It Down" and "Fancy." Guys who can relate to this one likely get ready to songs like "Only" and "6 God."

8. You have a strange desire to travel to Toronto and Miami.

It’s no secret Toronto is Drake’s hometown. It’s the base of OVO and the majority of his overall crew. He Instagrams the beauties, parties and Raptors games that form the essence of Tdot, and you want to experience it all.

Drake also makes prominent mention of Miami. Did "The Motto" have you wanting a condo up in Biscayne? Did "Versace" have you wanting to stay at the Mansion when we in Miami? Did "305 to My City" make you wanna hit up LIV on Sunday?

Drake has such a hold on your mentality, he has unknowingly planned your next vacation.