Site Trolls Us All With Fake Story About Kylie Jenner's Boob Job

by Eitan Levine

An Irish satire website is reminding the entire internet just how important it is to check your sourcing before citing articles.

The Waterford Whispers News does not do any actual reporting. It's Ireland's version of The Onion and has prided itself on purposely making fake news since its inception.

The issue is, a decent chunk of the internet has no idea that's TWWN's MO, which led to thousands of people thinking this article/fake letter of resignation was real.


In the parody piece, the author spells out the frustration of being a journalist who spends every day covering celebrity news, like speculation over a Kylie Jenner boob job.

The author writes,

FUCKING probably yeah, but why the fuck do I have to write 500 words on it and 'include 5 pictures from her Instagram or Snapchat.' Yeah, al-fucking-right Siobhan, thanks for the email. This is exactly why I studied journalism, cheers for hiring me. Fucking dream job my hole.

Going on to say,

'Frame it so that the speculation about the boob job comes from another publication, copy and paste if needed. Or if you can't get that just use some randomers tweets on Twitter.' Loud and clear Siobhan. Plenty of random tweets out there. Should be easy. 'Oh my God, I can't believe I'm paid to write this shite about Kylie Jenner.' Will that do Siobhan? Christ, and you said you needed a degree and minimum 2 years in a similar role… for this? For fuck-king-this? Bollocks to this, I quit.

The internet fell for this, viewing the author as a sort of journalist hero fighting clickbait.




The only thing "Amazing!" about this letter is that the author pranked a bunch of people at once without leaving the keyboard.


This isn't the first time a satire piece has tricked the internet, and it probably won't be the last. For instance, remember the time former FIFA VP Jack Warner famously went on that eight-minute rant over an Onion article he thought was real?

So, for the love of God, CHECK YOUR DAMN SOURCES, people.

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