Emma Stone Creepily Stares Down Naked Woman In Bed In New Photo Shoot


Superstar actress Emma Stone recently sat down with W magazine to talk about her role in the blockbuster hit "La La Land."

The 28-year-old Scottsdale, Arizona native spoke to W about how nervous she was to sing on camera in "La La Land," and she also showed off her ridiculously sexy body for a photo shoot with the magazine.


Speaking on slaying her role in "La La Land," Stone said,

I was nervous about it, but I also felt more prepared than I probably ever would have felt before, because I had been doing 'Cabaret' eight times a week and I was able to go a little easier on myself about the fact that I am not, you know, the world's greatest singer by any stretch of the imagination and he really wanted it to be you know very realistic and natural and not technically perfect. So from the beginning he made it a less scary prospect if I need to go on screen and sound like Bette Midler, or something.
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Stone also opened up about being something of a grammar cop. Speaking on her "biggest pet peeve," she said,

It bugs me when names, like traditional names, are spelled funky. Like Emily being spelled, and no offense if your name is spelled this way, but you know Emily that's like: E-M-Y-L-E-I-G-H, Emily, that makes me crazy, because all you have to do your whole life is be like, 'My name is Emily, let me spell it for you: E-M-Y…," like they can't just write the name that it sounds like. You know, my real name is Emily. But it was taken at SAG.

These are some interesting tidbits about Emma Stone, but they'll do little to prepare you for this sexy photo of the actress sitting in bed without pants, staring directly at a naked woman.


I can't predict the future, but something tells me Emma Stone will probably continue to kill it in 2017.

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