Emma Stone's Ad-Libbed Jokes Were Given To Male Co-Stars

If you've ever caught Emma Stone on a late night show or during a delightful red carpet interview, then you know the actress is hilarious. It goes without saying.

You know what else goes without saying? Hollywood is sexist AF.

The 28-year-old star of "La La Land" told Rolling Stone that her improvised jokes have often been stolen from her and given to her male co-stars.

This, if you're a woman, isn't even surprising -- it's just annoying. Men get to be the "funny ones," women are eye candy.

One time, I went out on a few dates with a guy and he said, "You know, you're funnier than I am..." and then never called me again.

The Oscar nominee said that she's felt like she's been ripped off by directors when she spoke her mind. She said,

There are times in the past, making a movie, when I've been told that I'm hindering the process by bringing up an opinion or an idea. I hesitate to make it about being a woman, but there have been times when I've improvised, they've laughed at my joke and then given it to my male co-star. Given my joke away. Or it's been me saying, 'I really don't think this line is gonna work,' and being told, 'Just say it, just say it, if it doesn't work we'll cut it out' – and they didn't cut it out, and it really didn't work!

Ugh. I don't know if you've read this Reductress gem, "How to Appreciate His Sense of Humor When It's Just Your Own Jokes Loudly Repeated Back to You," but you really should, Emma.

This isn't the first time Stone has spoken out about sexism in Hollywood. She told Vogue in November,

We should all be treated fairly and paid fairly.

One of her best friends, Jennifer Lawrence, even wrote an essay about the wage gap between male and female actors.

We wonder which directors were the culprit of the joke-stealing though?

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