Emma Roberts Just Posted A Sexy Nude Photo To Instagram

Emma Roberts, what are you doing?! This is Instagram, a good, clean family app! Just kidding, I post thirst traps all the time, I got you girl.

My only question is, who holds their arms like that just to cover their nip nops? (Nip nop is a scientific term for "nipple," saying "nipple" does not make me uncomfortable at all. "Nipple." See, I've said it thrice now.)

Except this isn't a thirst trap -- this is art.

The "Scream Queens" star posted this saucy image to her Instagram, where she appears nearly nude, as part of photographer Mario Testino's Towel Series.

Testino has been working on his Towel series since he was first inspired by Kate Moss sitting in a white robe with a towel wrapped around her head on the set of a shoot.

Naturally, Roberts is a perfect choice for the fresh and clean series, allowing her smile to stand out without any distractors. (Unless you count nudity as a distractor.)

Testino has photographed a number of Hollywood's elite for the series, including Gigi Hadid:

Eternal beauty Cindy Crawford:

Kristen Stewart:

And even Vogue's Anna Wintour:

When is he going to hit me up for some nudes though? I'll bring my own towel...