Emily Blunt Jokes John Krasinski Looks 'American' In London

Emily Blunt recently stopped by the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to talk about her latest movie 'The Girl on the Train."

Naturally, the topic of her husband John Krasinski came up... namely, him visiting her home of England.

Apparently, English people are just really mean to Americans.

Blunt theorizes that we're all a bunch of Anglophiles who are super accommodating when our friends from across the pond come to visit.

The English are a bit less kind.

Her tip for her husband? Take off your baseball cap.

Krasinski would go to the cafe near her old flat and come back to tell Blunt, "They're always so horrible to me." Blunt responded,

Take your baseball cap off. That's why. No one wears baseball hats in England. You look so American.

She said they were a lot kinder when he stopped rocking his baseball cap, but we say -- you do you, John. You do you.

(Cue the National Anthem.)

Emily Blunt and her hubby are finally set to work together too!

It just took them two years of dating plus six years of marriage to make their fans' dreams come true. It's fine.

He wrote on Instagram,

So I'm casting this #LiveReadNY of Good Will Hunting, then ran into this #girlonthetrain and thought… yeah it's time to work together! October 7!! “Howdaya like THEM apples?”

The couple, who have two daughters together, are working on a new project based on the 1997 film "Good Will Hunting."

Emily Blunt will supposedly play Skylar, a role originally played by Minnie Driver in the Gus Van Sant film. Krasinski will direct the table read of the film on October 7.

The event was described as follows,

Guest director John Krasinski ('The Hollars,' '13 Hours,' TV's 'The Office') leads an all-star cast in a live table read of 'Good Will Hunting,' the award-winning 1997 film about a young janitor from South Boston with a gift for mathematics. There's only one way to experience this extraordinary event: live and in person as no audio or video recording is allowed.

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