Ellen DeGeneres Scared Ricky Gervais Using The Nightmare Fuel That Is Trump


If there's anyone out there that knows how to prank people the right way, it's Ellen DeGeneres.

Not only has she been pranking the guests on her show for years, but she's pretty damn good at it. One of the last best pranks she played was on Carrie Underwood. Her fearful scream was priceless.

The 58-year-old TV host is back with yet another epic prank. This time she's pranking none other than comedian Ricky Gervais. I'll admit, Ellen's other pranks are really good, but THIS one is just too good (probably because it's so relevant).

I'll put it this way: We ALL have the same reaction Gervais has in this video whenever Donald Trump is on TV.

Basically, if we could PAY to be able to leave our seats in front of our televisions and rid our lives of him, we probably would.


OK, fine... I'll spill the beans. Ellen used a fake Trump impersonator to scare the crap out of Ricky Gervais and it was AWESOME. However, it all happened SO fast that he didn't even know what scared him in the first place.

Gervais sat there confused for a few seconds before saying,

I didn't even see it. I just heard it.

A disappointed Ellen then re-watched the footage to see if she actually got Gervais "good" with her prank or not. Gervais then said,

What's getting me good? Literally shitting myself? Because it was pretty close.

The 55-year-old actor and comedian added,

Trust me, Ellen. You got me fucking good!

Yeah, I agree. You got Gervais really good, Ellen... so good he doesn't even remember what happened.


I'm just surprised Ellen doesn't scare herself doing these pranks. They happen so quick and so suddenly that if I were her, I'd be bouncing off the walls after someone random person popped up out of a box.

Check out the hilarious prank in the video above!

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