Dolphin Girl From 'The Bachelor' Wants To Go To 'Paradise' And Date Chad

by Taylor Ortega

Strap on your dolphin suits that are technically shark suits because, baby, Alexis Waters is back.

The standout cast member from Nick Viall's season of “The Bachelor” — a slowly dying horse of a season that will be mercifully shot in the head next week — confirmed she's likely headed to "Paradise."

During the series' recent “Women Tell All” taping, ET asked whether season 21's fan favorite would appear on the next season of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Alexis told the site,

Hell yes! I didn't get asked yet, but I mean, come on, let's be real – I probably was just cast [on 'The Bachelor'] for 'Paradise'!

Her confidence is not without merit. She was super entertaining during her stint on Nick's season, often getting drunk with the leading man and talking about her fear of aliens or Nicholas Cage in clips that appeared during the credits.

Sadly, the pair struck up more of a friendship than a romance, but Alexis has her eye on someone a little more aggressive and full-on insane, should she make it to "Paradise."

She said,

I think the Chad is really funny, so I might be down for the Chad… I'm attracted to the Chad!

Chad famously appeared on JoJo Fletcher's season of “The Bachelorette” as a shit-talking, meat-pawing villain.

He was invited to appear on “Bachelor in Paradise,” but was kicked off after one episode for threatening to murder everyone's families, pooping his pants, suggesting the hotel staff “suck a dick” and shouting, “Dolla dolla bills, yo.”

Chad left paradise without giving an exit interview.

Instead, he used that time to rail on host Chris Harrison for drinking mimosas and living it up in a cozy bathrobe, eventually declaring,

I have nothing! I have nothing in my life!

Alexis seems too good for Chad, but that's more or less the running theme of any “Bachelor” series. The 23-year-old is looking for fun, not another season of tortured choices and tearful interviews.

When asked whether she'd ever consider being the "Bachelorette,” Alexis replied,

Hell no! First of all, I would forget everybody's name in five minutes, so they would have to have name tags. Too much pressure. Just send me to 'Bachelor in Paradise'! I'll be good with that.

Send. Her.

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