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Justin Bieber’s “Despacito” Remix Vs. The Original Is Being Debated On Twitter


"Despacito" has been the hottest song of the summer, hands down. You can't escape this jam. Despite not speaking Spanish, Justin Bieber helped elevate the status of "Despacito" in the United States. Now, people are wishing he would back off.

Twitter has some strong opinions about "Despacito" without Justin Bieber — they're digging it.

Some people are polite about it.

Others are a bit more... opinionated.

People are definitely into the original version.

But without the Biebs, would most of us have discovered the song?

The point is, "Despacito" was great before Bieber.

The original version has over 2 million views on YouTube.

Twitter has spoken, and we hear their opinion loud and clear.

Since Justin Bieber messed up the "Despacito" lyrics during a live performance, fans have not been so forgiving. Luis Fonsi responded to Rolling Stone about the controversial concert. He said,

Reportedly, "Despacito" was Bieber's first time singing in Spanish. Fonsi continued,

In addition to Fonsi, Mauricio Rengifo, one of the "Despacito" producers, also came to Bieber's defense. In an interview with Billboard, Rengifo responded to the criticism Bieber was receiving, saying,

Whether you prefer the OG version of "Despacito" or you're down with the Biebs, you have to admit -- it's a damn good song.