Chrissy Teigen's Been Opening Rihanna's Mail And Had No Idea It Was Illegal


There's nothing quite like watching Chrissy Teigen realize she's committed many, many federal offenses on national TV.

Here's the thing: Chrissy Teigen, 30-year-old woman and fairly famous celebrity, did not know opening other people's mail was a crime.

This is bad news for Rihanna, who used to live in the mansion where Chrissy and her husband John Legend live now.

Apparently, Chrissy receives mail for Rihanna from time to time. You know, bills, fan letters, that sort of thing. And you better believe she did not hesitate to open that mail and see what was up with RiRi's finances and fanbase.

Chrissy confidently told Ellen all of this on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday.

To which Ellen responded,

You know that's illegal, right?

Now, to be fair to Chrissy, it's pretty clear Ellen shattered Chrissy's entire worldview with this revelation. Let's break down her reaction, shall we?

First, Chrissy feels doubt Ellen is telling the truth: "Really? Is it?"


Yes, Chrissy. It is illegal.

Then she attempts to rationalize her behavior: "But it's my house now!"


You may have inherited Rihanna's house, but that does not include her identity with it.

Then the realization really starts to set in.


Chrissy starts to reflect back on the many federal offenses she has unknowingly committed.


You know, the ones she just confessed to on national television.


She tries to undo what has been done: "Are we going to edit this?"


And then she tries to play it off: "OK. Good to know..."


But it's too late, and she knows it.


So yeah, that happened.

Oh, and at the end of the interview Chrissy also low-key admitted to smoking weed by encouraging the audience to vote for "legalizing of some things."

To which Ellen responds,

Maybe we can legalize opening other people's mail.

Chrissy Teigen, ladies and gentleman. The world's most delightful criminal.