Chrissy Teigen Responds To Person Claiming A Baby 'F*cked Up' Her Body


Chrissy Teigen recently did a photo shoot for W magazine where she exposed herself to the world.

Most people are in favor of beautiful women getting naked, but there are always going to be some trolls out there.

Some people don't necessarily even mean to troll, but they do so sheerly out of their own stupidity and ignorance.

According to E! News, one such person commented on the nude photo of Teigen.

The comment read,

The strange thing here is Teigen hasn't had a baby. Not to mention, she looks flawless in this photo.

Thankfully, Teigen has a good sense of humor, and she took the comment in stride.

She actually posted a screenshot of it to her Instagram account, accompanied by the caption,

And this is why the Internet is a weird and wonderful place.

Here's Teigen's Instagram post:


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