Chrissy Teigen Gets Real On Snapchat About Her Period And It's So, So Relatable

by Laura Rizzo

On social media, celebrities look perfect. They have perfect lives, perfect marriages, and perfect outfits. That's obviously not the reality, but sometimes it's hard to remember that. However, Chrissy Teigen's Snapchats about period acne were so relatable and a healthy reminder that we're all just people.

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most real celebs out there, and I love her for it. On July 31, the model sent out a Snapchat video of what her period skin looked like. For those of you unfamiliar with what period skin is, consider yourself #Blessed. Basically, it's when your entire face goes to sh*t during your period. It often happens during days one through five of your period and it results in large, painful pimples. Just one of the joys of womanhood. According to an interview with Dr. Angela Jones in Teen Vogue, the cause is easily explained. She said,

Most of us experience a pre-menstrual breakout when we have increased levels of progesterone and testosterone during the week leading up to our periods. This results in increased oil production, which can turn into clogged pores and lead to acne.

Greeeeeeeat. Many, many, many women suffer from period acne. For me, it usually involves a couple of meltdowns, throwing my beauty blender on the ground, and spending lots of money on fancy acne products that don't really work. That's why I was legit relieved to see someone like Chrissy Teigen talking about it. She is literally the most good-looking human ever and still deals with common problems like acne.

I find it very reassuring to see someone who is praised for their beauty being comfortable in her own skin and talking about imperfections. I wasn't the only one who thought so. Teigen posted the video on her Twitter, and fans applauded her.

Thank you, Chrissy, for keeping it real.