Chris Pratt Gets Scared Sh*tless By An Unexpected Dinosaur Prank (Video)

For someone who single-handedly figured out how to control velociraptors, Chris Pratt is incredibly easy to scare.

SA Wardęga, a Polish actor and director with access to incredibly lifelike T-Rex costumes, was invited to surprise -- read: terrify -- "Jurassic World" star, Chris Pratt.

The video is pretty funny, but also a great example of how Pratt is the coolest guy of all time.

He gets scared by the T-Rex suit, admits defeat and then tries to learn some curse words in Polish with the guys who pranked him. Ultimate cool guy status.

On the reverse side, why this random Polish guy has this many scary dinosaur costumes, I will never know.

He’s like that guy from middle school who knows WAY too much about Apache helicopters and then becomes a radical gun rights activist -- except there is no such thing as a “dinosaur rights activist”... yet.