Chris Pratt Pretended To Be Santa On Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

If Santa Claus was actually Chris Pratt in disguise, I'd let him down my chimney any night of the year.

Don't judge me! It was confirmed the 37-year-old actor makes a great Father Christmas on Tuesday night's episode of "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon.

In the clip, the "Passengers" actor and Jimmy Fallon played a holiday version of Mad Lib Theater, and the game might've put them both on the naughty list.

After watching a clip, I know exactly who's at the top of my Christmas list (sorry, Anna).

To begin the game, Fallon asked Pratt to fill in the blanks with a few "funny" words that would be used in a sequence both men would act out in a Mad Libs scene.

Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, it was... until Chris Pratt put his own NSFW twist on the game.


When Fallon asks his favorite type of dessert, he says "ding dong," and when asked for a silly word, he says "doinker."

For the kicker, he used the word "spanking" for a verb ending in "ing."

...I think you know where this is going.


After choosing his words for the game, both men dressed up for the holiday scene. Fallon wore an elf costume, and Pratt rocked a Santa Claus getup and still managed to look sexy AF.

After they begin reading off the Mad Lib words Pratt selected, the game takes an expected turn that's definitely not appropriate for the North Pole.

When asked where he was the night before Christmas, Fallon answers with,

I was with Pickles. We were listening to The Roots holiday album and making snow gerbils.

*Making snow gerbils.*


The game reaches another level of "raunch" when Pratt asks the Fallon elf,

Then why did Rudolph see you spanking on the roof?

Hmmm. This is starting to sound somewhat like a holiday porno, don't you think?

To end the game on a hilarious note, Chris Pratt admits he gets to shake his "nad" by the fire, and the crowd roars with laughter.

I'm not sure what a "nad" is, but given the context of the rest of the game, I'm just going to use my imagination.