Chris Pratt Reveals How Anna Faris Reacts To His Sex Scenes With Hot Actresses

by Robert Anthony

From the grueling work schedules to enduring endless criticism, being a talented Hollywood actor or actress is NOT easy.

That's why it's pretty obvious that life might just be harder for two Hollywood stars who are married to each other. For starters, they have to deal with each other acting out steamy sex scenes with OTHER PEOPLE.

Take Chris Pratt and Anna Faris for example. They're a happily married couple who have managed to overcome any of the obstacles that might have come their way.

Despite their unconditional love for each other, there are times when they have to put their emotions aside and engage in romantic movie scenes with other men and women.

Let's face it, most of us would probably lose our shit if we had to deal with that stuff!

Meanwhile, that's just life in Hollywood.

Chris Pratt, 37, sat down for an interview with Sway Calloway on SiriusXM's #SwayInTheMorning on Tuesday. The segment's description reads,

Sway sat down with actor Chris Pratt to discussing working with Jennifer Lawrence on their new movie 'Passengers,' and how he and wife Anna Farris handle filming love scenes with other actors.

Uh oh! We're about to find out how Anna Faris and Chris Pratt REALLY feel about those hard-to-watch sex scenes they have to film.

Pratt reflected back to filming "Passengers" with Jennifer Lawrence after Sway asked if Anna Faris had ever visited the set while filming.

Chris revealed,

Jen and Anna got along really well.

Sway chimed in, saying,

Good for you 'cause that could have went, you know... go down hill sometimes. You know? When your husband is co-starring with a beautiful Hollywood star.

Chris Pratt then went on to reveal being in the same industry has certainly helped them deal with the demanding tasks that come with acting. He added,

In that regard, I really got lucky. And it's been that way for Anna and I for the 10 years that we've been together. I mean, we have an understanding of what we do is for a living. And I think that if I was married to somebody who was, like, a school teacher or had a different job, maybe it'd be a little harder for them to comprehend what exactly goes down or the sacrifices you have to make...

You hear that, people?! You're complaining because the love of your life liked someone's photo on Instagram, yet these two are able to look the other way when it's time to do a shower sex scene with a total stranger.

They're so... brave.

Pratt added that he had to deal with the same thing when he watched his wife act out certain scenes with actor Chris Evans.

How'd he deal with that? He became really good friends with him instead of trying to fight him for doing his damn job.

At this point, I'm starting to wonder if Pratt and Faris are even human. Check out the full interview below.

The only question I have left to ask is this: Aren't you glad your significant other isn't a filthy rich, award-winning Hollywood celebrity?!