Chris Evans Talks Losing His Virginity And Dating Jessica Biel


Back in 1999, Prince made it his duty to ensure that, years down the line, when it came time to party — like, really party — the world would do so in the same fashion they had during the final 365 days of the 20th century.

Why, though? Well, Chris Evans might have some insight, because 1999 was one of the greatest of his existence.

During a recent interview with Esquire, the “Gifted” star told interviewer Maximillian Potter the tale of his last summer in Boston before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time.

He said,

Yup. Those are all the qualities of a very spectacular summer.

Chris didn't reveal whom he lost his virginity to, though these days he values women who understand the industry in which he works.

He said,

Chris and his “Gifted” costar Jenny Slate recently called it quits after nine months of dating. He wasn't too eager to share the details of the breakup with Esquire.


Chris said,

During the interview, Maximillian and Chris go skydiving (so casual), an activity the “Captain America” actor has done only once before, with ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel. The couple spent one Valentine's Day jumping out of an airplane because nothing says “I love you” like a near-death experience.

Ultimately, Chris is looking to recapture the joy of 1999 without any of the virginity or hanging out at high schools… because… weird.

He shared,

Wise words, Chris. Wise words.