How Chris Brown's Daughter Can Change Him To Be A Better Man

Yesterday, the Internet started swirling reports that Chris Brown, 25, has an alleged 9-month-old daughter with a 31-year-old model named Nia.

Loyal Chris Brown fans rallied on social media seeking answers to the rumors, but Chris Brown has yet to make a public statement on the allegations.

However, if the rumors are true, this might be a good thing for the young singer and entertainer.

Let's face it: Chris Brown has been known for being an assh*le.

As many new parents can tell you, having a child changed their perspective on life, and ultimately made them lose their selfish and immature ways.

Chris Brown has made headlines for his physical assault on Rihanna, public feud with rapper Drake, and even for airing his current girlfriend's dirty laundry on social media.

Just maybe, the news of Breezy's rumored daughter can soften him up and bring him back down to earth.


Maybe a little baby girl can make Brown humble? It's no secret he has a habit of showing off, whether through his lyrics or by verbally accosting fans at private concerts.

This news may show him that joy doesn't just come from material things, such as bling, fast cars and big houses.


It is no secret Chris Brown has a lot of growing up to do, and with his legal woes, this may be the perfect opportunity to step up and finish out his probation.

Brown has been back to court several times over the past years for probation violations; he has tested positive for marijuana and has been reckless with his fights at popular night clubs in Los Angeles and New York.

Many parents will tell you nothing is worth the risk of potentially losing your ability to not be there for your child.

Chris Brown paid the price for his actions last year, and had to surrender himself to serve a short prison sentence due to his probation violations.

It would be our hope he will start making better decisions.

Granted, he is only 25 years old, but now he has the biggest responsibility, and can use this as an opportunity to step up to the plate, stop being an instigator and stop doing things that will cost him his freedom.


Despite all of his flaws, I must give credit where credit is due. The dude is talented. I wouldn't classify him as the greatest male singer in the world, but he is a phenomenal entertainer.

With his new daughter, we may see a change in his music and lyrics. As a young father, especially a father to a baby girl, he may not set out to objectify women in his music.

While that is the type of thing that drives some R&B and hip-hop music, this could change the tone of Brown's music.

If he wants to, he can allow his music to have purpose, meaning and even some soul.


At one point, Chris admitted to being in love with two women at the same time.

Enter the unholy threesome of Chris Brown, Rihanna and his on-again off-again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

He has not been the most chivalrous man to any woman he has been involved with.

Who will ever forget his physical assault on Rihanna in 2009, and who will forget when he publicly blasted Karrueche Tran by saying she had relations with Drake and participated in threesomes?

He has an interesting way of showing love, and maybe with his daughter, he'll feel the slightest bit compelled to treat the women around him with respect, affection and love.

Chris Brown leads a very complicated life, but if it's true, having a daughter may be the biggest change he will experience.

He continues to be involved in drama, petty quarrels and almost lives in the Los Angeles County Courthouse.

As his tour with Trey Songz is wrapping up, this may be a great opportunity for Chris to become the man he so desperately claims to be.