Channing Tatum Admits He Almost Burned His Penis Off With Boiling Water


Channing Tatum went on "The Howard Stern Show" and told a terrifying tale about the time he burned his penis.

Tatum told Howard while he was filming the movie "The Eagle," he had a brush with some scalding hot water.

It was freezing during the shoot, and in order to warm up, members of the crew used cups of warm water to stay toasty inside the wetsuits they were wearing.

However, one fateful time, someone handed Tatum a cup of boiling water, and he burned his junk.

Thankfully, though, Channing's dong healed fairly quickly, and all is well downstairs.

Also, Tatum seems like a pretty great guy as he sympathized with the crew member who handed him the cup of pain.

Tatum said,

To add insult to injury, the people taking care of Tatum after the incident played "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon.

You can listen to Tatum talk about his penis problem in the audio clip below.

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