Bruno Mars’ ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Promo Dropped And James Corden Is Clearly In Love


James Corden has been hiding something from us, everyone: Bruno Mars is his favorite celebrity.

OK, OK, that's not exactly a fact, but based off the trailer for Tuesday night's upcoming episode of "Carpool Karaoke," it might as well be.

Throughout the teaser clip for the musical car ride, Corden looks so damn happy -- and that's saying a lot for someone who makes a living off making people smile.

Seriously, look at him! Look at that face!


That, my friends, is the face of a truly jubilant man.

How can you blame him, though? If Bruno Mars was jamming to his music in the front seat of my car, I think I'd smile so much my face would start to hurt.

In fact, I wouldn't doubt that Corden's face was sore by the time he was done.

His smile is making me smile.



During the trailer for tonight's highly anticipated episode, the duo turns up the heat after Corden blasts Bruno's hit song, "24K Magic."

Bruno Mars, the Grammy-award-winning-pop star, is dripping in gold in the front seat of Corden's ride. He looks glamorous AF.

The 31-year-old is wearing aviators, a satin shirt and a fresh white baseball cap -- and we're swooning just as much as Corden is.


As much as we're fawning over the singer, we'll never get to experience the solo time Corden was granted with him. *sigh*

Hey, at least we can live vicariously through the joyful moments they shared together throughout the car ride.

Heck, if the trailer is emitting this much happiness, I'm going to have to prepare myself for the real thing.

Not only is Corden smiling up a storm, but he's also dancing and harmonizing with Bruno like I've never seen before.

Are we staring at Bruno Mars' next backup singer? Or maybe Bruno's next hype man?

Either way, I'm happy that he's happy. And tonight, the whole freakin' world is going to be happy, all thanks to Corden and his infectious smile.

Yup, Bruno Mars looks like his best celebrity guest so far. Sorry, Madonna.

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