Britney Spears Was Totally Shocked By Justin Bieber's Naked Pics

Britney Spears recently sat down with BBC Radio's Scott Mills and gave a very candid interview. After discussing almost dying in a six-foot wave in Hawaii, she finally said what everyone is thinking: SHE'S NOT OVER JUSTIN BIEBER'S NAKED PICS.

Spears and her children were in Hawaii during the time the Biebs infamously just got naked and had photos taken of him. (Who can't relate to that?) This is the second time his naked pictures have made headlines, the first being in Bora Bora last October.

She told the radio host,

Did you see what happened to him, the other day, didn't he, like, expose himself? That was insane. I don't understand, like, what went on there. Was that on the news and stuff? …Oh my God.

To be fair, if Spears did the same thing it would have been everywhere, all the time, nonstop and she would have been slut-shamed.

Spears also discussed meeting Bieber while she was on her Femme Fatale tour, and said he looked like a BABY-MAN... well, that's basically what she said:

He walks in my hotel room, and he was, like, a kid, literally. He looked like he was 13-years-old but he was 16 and I was like, 'Who is this kid in my hotel? Like, what is going on?' ... He's very unassuming, he is a very nice, kind boy and he is obviously way older now. He was extremely kind.

Spears slyly shades Bieber, and we love it more than anything.