Britney Spears And Hillary Clinton 'Talked About Jambalaya' When They Met


Britney Spears. Hillary Clinton. Jambalaya.


America's queen Britney Spears recently talked to the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about the thing that concerns Americans the most: delicious food.

In an interview with "Extra" host Mario Lopez, Spears discussed exactly what happened when she spoke to the former New York senator and secretary of state back in February.

The musician dished,

We talked about food a lot. We talked about jambalaya. We talked about our favorite restaurants here in Las Vegas.

(Inner monologue: Please tell me Clinton loves free buffets at strip clubs. Please let them be strip clubs. Please say they're strip clubs.)

While Clinton was campaigning in Las Vegas, she met up with Spears, who has her own show at the Planet Hollywood hotel.


Brit Brit wrote on her Instagram,

Being in Vegas for #PieceOfMe is amazing for so many reasons... Especially today... because I had the incredible opportunity to meet @HillaryClinton!! Such an inspiration and beautiful voice for women around the world!!! This woman had an intense presence and I felt very honored to meet her!!!

Spears went on to tell Lopez about Clinton,

She's a great lady. I love the fact just that she's a great communicator with people and she's present and very aware. Her husband Bill was there as well.

Spears wasn't sure if the Clintons stuck around for the show, but if they didn't, they obviously missed out. Spears knows how to put on a show.

Spears also opened up about her wardrobe malfunction, new music and helping the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.


She is hoping to raise $1 million for the cause. She said,

I'm all about kids. I was like, 'This is something I have to do.' They came to the show the other night, they're absolutely adorable, it's been nice, it's been very cool.

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