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Blac Chyna Posted Snaps Of Herself With The Most Adorable Baby

Blac Chyna is puh-retty pregnant by now, and she's preparing for her daughter's birth by climbing hills and holding babies that don't belong to her.

So, the normal way.

Moms-to-be searching for tips on being baby-ready NEED to follow Blac Chyna on Snapchat. Or don't. IDK. I don't have kids.

Chy climbed a massive hill with her baby bump “on fleek.”

And snapped some videos of herself with a freaking delicious baby who belongs to God only knows whom.

Like, where did this angel baby come from?

She's so precious, but like, also so cool.

It's hard to decide whether I want to raise her or star in a Disney Channel Original Movie with her wherein we solve crimes and take naps.

No matter the moment Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's little girl is ready to make her debut, Chy is thoroughly prepped.

Last week, at Rob's grandma MJ's birthday celebration, the 28-year-old had her belly rubbed by Kim Kardashian West, a blessing that ensured Chyna's second child will take only the lit-est selfies.

This family is only getting bigger, people. Buckle up.