Blac Chyna Posed Naked For Black History Month Photo Shoot

Blac Chyna posed naked on her Instagram for Black History Month.

More like Herstory, am I right? (I had a history teacher who had a poster of that phrase in her room and I thought it was stupid because "history" is just a word, but I get it now.)

Chyna, who just gave birth to her and Rob Kardashian's baby Dream on November 10 certainly isn't shy about her post-baby bod.

Blac Chyna chose to do the photo shoot to celebrate her heritage.

The photos were shot by Orin Fleurimont, and Chyna captioned each photo with the words "Queen. History. Bold."

Chris Boykins, an LA-based tattoo artist, painted Chyna with the body paint.

Chyna told People,

In celebration of Black History Month, I wanted to push out my inner Queen, express my ethnicity and beauty unapologetically!

Blac Chyna often shows off her body, but this photo shoot seems to deliver a powerful message.

The reality TV star, who has a son King with her ex Tyga, wore her hair in curls, done by Kellon Deryck, instead of donning her regular straight-haired wigs.

She isn't the first Kardashian to rock some body paint though -- which would make for an awkward family dinner in my house, but probably not theirs.

Remember when Kim Kardashian looked like she forgot to fully rub in her sunscreen?

I swear to God, if my future in-law tried to one-up me and also do a naked body paint photo shoot, they would be dead to me.

There can only be ONE in the Schreiber household -- and that one is ME, all the time, covered in body paint, getting it all over. I'm in it right now and yeah, my chair is a mess.

Kim posted these photos back in 2015, which was truly a simpler time. She said,

I want to capture really cool moments and have some great shoots and be nude and do all this cool stuff. I just want to do fun and artsy things.

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