Beyoncé Posted A Video Of Her Workout Routine And It's Everything

We are one step closer to discovering the formula for human perfection -- and it's all thanks to Beyoncé, queen of everything beautiful.

Not long ago, she shared her actual vegan diet plan with the world.

Then, there were the untouched and -- gasp! -- (minimally) flawed photos from her 2013 L'Oreal campaign.

Now she went ahead and posted her (supposed) workout routine to Instagram, in a short, super-speed video that shows just how hard she works for that killer body.

The routine is as follows:

Side crunches, regular crunches, weighted punches, jumpy side-steps (the obvious technical term for this move) and lunges. If you can do it without sweating, you're almost there.

One, two, three, four, five steps -- plus the diet! -- closer to achieving Beyoncé-level perfection.

Can we get there? Maybe not. (We're still not entirely convinced she's human.)

Are we going to try? Absolutely.

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