Beyoncé Honors Aaliyah On The Anniversary Of Her Death

It's been 15 years since Aaliyah's unfortunate death on August 25, 2001.

Despite her passing at age 22, Aaliyah's timeless classics like "Try Again," "Rock The Boat" and "Miss You" continue to keep her talented spirit alive.

Remember "Try Again?" Two words: Nostalgia overload.

Aaliyah's death, which was caused by a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas, is being remembered today by fans and celebrities everywhere -- including Beyoncé.

The 34-year-old singer posted a heartwarming #TBT clip on Instagram from the MTV Movie Awards back in 2001, when Beyoncé co-hosted the red carpet pre-show.

The clip starts off with Beyoncé asking Aaliyah what she's most looking forward to seeing at the show. Aaliyah quickly answers "I wanna see D'Angelo perform."

Beyoncé quickly responded,

GIRL, I'm with you 'cause you know he fine! *eye roll*

I'm sure Beyoncé's priceless reaction to Aaliyah's answer is STILL a dinner table discussion between Bey and Jay Z from time to time. It has to be.

Here's the nostalgic clip.


Sure, August 25 is a sad day for Aaliyah's supporters, but you HAVE to admit -- this throwback clip DEFINITELY put a smile on your face.

If it didn't, this legendary mashup of her funniest moments will get the job done.

Ah, Aaliyah, you are dearly, dearly missed! Rest in peace to "the princess of R&B."

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