Backstreet Boys Made Lance Bass 'So Jealous' After Getting Vegas Residency


Backstreet's back and Lance Bass is not alright.

When I first heard that the Backstreet Boys had acquired a Las Vegas residency starting in 2017, I was like, "quit playing games with my heart."

Thankfully, the news was true. The Backstreet Boys are heading to Sin City, and I want it that way.

In response, Lance Bass of *NSYNC confessed to ET that he was "so jealous" of the Backstreet Boys' Vegas announcement and dished that it would be his dream to have his very own residency, saying,

Oh my gosh, the ultimate dream of an artist is to get a residency in Las Vegas. I would love to be able to have a residency in Vegas with the *NSYNC boys. You get to stay in the same hotel every single night. That right there is just worth it to me.

But wait! Does that mean that there's beef between the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC? Because I will not choose sides in the inevitable civil war that will follow.

Can you imagine half your town singing "Bye Bye Bye" while being approached by the other half screaming "Larger Than Life?"

Pretty soon, brother would be fighting brother, father fighting daughter, great aunt fighting third cousin twice removed on your mother's side.

Thankfully, Lance made it clear that he wants to be front and center when it comes to seeing the BB,

I'm excited for the show I will be there opening night, for sure.

Yes! There shall be peace in our times!

Will you be celebrating Backstreet's return to glory this 2017?

If not, what are you doing with your life that is sooo important that you can't spare the time to catch this boy band of yore regain its former status in our hearts?

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