Adorable 1-Year-Old Dancing To Kanye West Is The Greatest Baby Of All Time

YO KANYE WEST, I just found your biggest fan.

Eh, I take that back. She actually may be your smallest, considering she's only 18 months old.

But man, this girl is obsessed with Yeezy's music. She can't talk much, but she sure knows Kanye's stuff when she hears it.

So everyone, meet Lyla. Isn't she the cutest?


YouTube user Matthew Surizon uploaded the sweetest video of his daughter breaking it down.

In the caption, he explained,

My 18 month old baby girl may not have a big vocabulary, but she makes every word count! She knows good music when she hears it. AND she dances like a gangsta

OH, HELL YEAH, LYLA. Get it, bb.


The whole video is only 18 seconds, but it's definitely the cutest thing you'll see today.

When her dad asked what music she wants to listen to, Lyla immediately responded "Kanye." Her face lit up and then she danced in front of the camera with her daddy.

The girls got moves, yo.

Lyla, you're my new favorite human and officially the greatest baby of all time.

Be sure to check her out in the video above.

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