Ashley Graham Shows Off Completely Bare Butt In Sexy Beach Photo Shoot

by Adam Silvers

Ashley Graham is out here, y'all.

From being featured in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue to slaying it on the daily on her own social media channels, the 29-year-old plus-size model is crushing it in every way imaginable.

Hell, Graham even starred alongside Joe Jonas in DNCE's music video for the song "Toothbrush."

Like, could these two be any hotter?

For her latest major modeling move, Ashley Graham rocked a red one-piece bathing suit and went into full-on "Baywatch" mode for a sexy beach photo shoot.

As you're about to see, Graham showed off her bare butt while riding a jet ski and looked absolutely amazing.

Sun's out, buns out, right?!?!

According to reports, the above photo shoot took place in Miami, which is obviously the best location for celebrating "Baywatch."

Check out this video of gorgeous Ashley Graham having some serious fun in the sun.

Is there anything this woman can't do right now?

I think not, and you know who agrees? Joe Jonas.

Speaking about working with Ashley Graham in the music video for "Toothbrush," the DNCE frontman said,

We didn't really think it would be as big of a talking point as it was. I think she is definitely changing the game for that profession, and it's really incredible to see. I didn't realize until the video came out afterwards why it was such a big deal. Hopefully through this music video — and, obviously, through Ashley's career — she's definitely making a difference.

Jonas continued,

For us, we were happy to have her in the video, and that was the key thing. Maybe people will stop making a big deal about certain things like that. She's awesome. She's incredibly intelligent. She's done amazing TED Talks, and anytime we get to hang with her and her husband, it's a great time.

Keep crushing life, Ashley Graham!