Ariel Winter Confirms She Is Leaving The Single Life Behind

by Eitan Levine

Sorry, everybody. Ariel Winter is officially spoken for.

Over the past two-ish years, the "Modern Family" star has become one of the internet's most powerful voices. She's famously taken down Instagram trolls and stuck up for herself against body-shamers.

During that time, she's also become one of the internet's biggest crushes.

I meannnnnnnn...

I got bad news for everyone out there hoping to make it into the Winter mishpucha through marriage.

Ariel basically officially confirmed she is in fact dating actor Levi Meaden.

During a game of "Love it or Leave it" for Glamour, Ariel was asked about her thoughts on the single life. She responded,

Being single, I think I have loved it, but I think right now I'm gonna leave it.

Womp womp, pack it up and go home, boys. Nothing else to see here. You all tried your hardest, but just like "Highlander" there can only be ONE person dating Ariel Winter at a time.

To be honest, if the couple was trying to keep their relationship a secret...

...they aren't great at it. They've been doing a buttload of couple stuff on Instagram and Snapchat for a while now.


Before you get angry you aren't dating Ariel, just remember we all, as a society, collectively dodged a bullet you may not have thought about.

Just imagine for one terrible second if these two ended up dating.

Yup. Not saying this would have happened, but I am saying Levi's existence in the world prevents it from happening for at least the time being.

I'd barf if this crap went down.

I know it's technically fine because they aren't actual siblings, but still, EWWWW.

This is like if all the brothers on "Home Improvement" started casually fucking in real life. Like, sure, technically it's fine, and love is love is love, but no-go for this guy.