Ariana Grande Raids Madonna's Closet For Joint Performance, Cue BFF Goals

by Candice Jalili

Remember that one time your cool older sister let you raid her closet and wear whatever you wanted for a night without screaming at you and telling mom?!

Well, Ariana Grande just had that moment. Except it was about 455,788,949,021 (yes, 455,788,949,021, no more, no less) times better than your cute little moment with your big sis.

Ariana Grande not only got to perform with all of America's IDOL, Madonna, but she even got to do it wearing the Queen of Pop's very own outfit from her Rebel Heart Tour.

(By the way, in case you were wondering, I saw Madonna on her Rebel Heart Tour with my mom, and anybody who saw that show knows exactly why I am scarred for life no matter how hard I try to erase the experience from my mind.)

Check out the ~sexy~ bedazzled outfit on Madonna while she kills it on stage here.

And here's Grande slaying it in the little black number last night.

So like, WHO WORE IT BETTER YOU GUYS?! JK, JK... we know they are both gorgeous megastars who looked equally fly in the ultra sexy outfit.

The two of them joined forces to raise money for a charity close to Madonna's heart, Raising Malawi.

What's Raising Malawi, you ask? Don't worry, I looked it up so you don't have to look like a total idiot next time you and Madge are gabbing about your fav charities.

The mission, according to the Instagram bio (I did extensive research, I know), is to bring an end to extreme poverty and hunger in the African country of Malawi.

And it seems like Ariana Grande and Madonna had a fantastic time coming together to raise money for the worthy cause.

I mean, look at them all cute dancing side-by-side.

And that banter?! Are ya kiddin' me!?

These two are clearly the most fabulous mentor-and-mentee duo in the making.

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