'7th Heaven' Heartthrob Now Lives Life As A Spiritual Guru

We previously reported Andrew Keegan, the "10 Things I Hate About You" actor, runs his own church and teaches enlightenment based on drop-in yoga and beachside meditation.

In a profile by New York Magazine published yesterday, 36-year-old Keegan elaborates on Full Circle Venice, the New Age-y Californian initiative he reportedly funded with $150,000 of his own money.

Journalist Lauren Bans spent time with Keegan and attended Full Circle services. Her account of the experience is a doozy.

According to Bans, the services provided by Full Circle include didgeridoo instrumentals, something labeled "soul medicine" and rituals designed to send "high vibes" back into the universe. The church seems to be rooted in a combination of feel-good love and Keegan's fear of being forgotten.

The former 90s heartthrob told her,

I had this girl come up to me not that long ago and say, 'I used to just love you!' It's always past tense now. And I'm like, 'Can't we just always love each other and everybody in the world?'

Keegan's doing his best to do make that happen, seeing as Bans noted the "Activ888" Sunday service she attended was primarily packed with beautiful, ethereal women.

According to Full Circle's website, the church prides itself on employing a unique combination of yogis and teachers who've united for the purpose of bringing others to enlightenment.

To me, however, Bans seemed uncertain about that after she watched a room of grown adults spooning one another and cuddling pillows as a "sound alchemist" played aboriginal instruments carved from wood.

In the profile, Bans quoted a Full Circle teacher as saying,

If a mosquito bites you, that mosquito was meant to bite you. If a fly lands on your arm, it's there as a messenger.

Through Bans' eyes, Keegan's religion sounds less like a cult and more like a kumbaya-fest – especially if you've been known to slap mosquitos away.

But, if you're seeking out those elusive "high vibes," head to Full Circle for an immersive, celebrity religious experience.

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