Adele Stopped Her Concert To Fight Off A Mosquito And The Video Is Hilarious

by Robert Anthony

Adele has been having quite an eventful year so far.

Not only did she steal the show at the Grammys this year (sorry, Beyoncé), but she also announced she's married to her longtime lover Simon Konecki.

That was of course after her rumor-sparking slipup on stage while accepting the award for album of the year when she accidentally referred to Konecki as her "husband."

So, with her life love having evolved and her shiny new Grammy trophies, what's next for Adele? The answer to that question is simple: a mosquito bite.

I know that sounds weird, but it's true. Apparently, Adele is such a hot topic right now a blood-sucking mosquito just couldn't wait to sting the 28-year-old singer in private so it stung her on stage instead.

The singer-songwriter had been performing in Brisbane, Australia when she suddenly freaked out after the mosquito began attacking her. She was NOT happy.

Adele was in the middle of entertaining her loyal fans when she suddenly screamed out,

There's a bug on me! There's a bug on me! There's a bug on me!

She then flailed her arms around in a frenzy trying to free herself from the vicious pest.

She quickly issued a backhanded apology, saying,

I'm sorry, I'm not Australian, I don't like bugs!

Her arm-flailing wasn't really enough, though. Adele had to physically run across the stage just to get away from the mosquito. Yes, this is news.

Just in case people thought she was joking around, she held her hand up for the world to see and said,

It was sucking my blood, it was sucking my blood!

That lucky bastard...

Here's the hilarious moment Adele was stung by mosquitos while performing on stage in Brisbane, Australia.

BREAKING NEWS: Adele is human.

I'll be honest, though. If I were a mosquito and needed some blood to stimulate egg production, I'd definitely try my hardest to sting Adele out of the billions of other humans here on Earth.

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