It's Insane How Much This Actress Looks Exactly Like Katy Perry (Photos)


You would think looking like the always-beautiful Katy Perry would be a gift, but for one actress, it has actually been more of a curse.

Francesca Brown is a 31-year-old British actress who looks uncannily like Katy Perry.

Her likeness to the pop star hasn't exactly helped her career. Brown told,

Brown went to great lengths to to look less like Perry, but it was difficult since Perry constantly changes her style.

Brown said,

However, it hasn't been all that bad as Brown found some work as a Katy Perry impersonator.

 The resemblance is uncanny.

Heck, Perry and Brown could be long lost twins.

Even while in costume, Brown looks like Perry.

She's the spitting image of Katy Perry.

The eyes and the hair really sell it.

Brown's the true definition of a dopplegänger.

They're both pretty fashionable.

I swear this could be Katy Perry.

Is Katy Perry an Arsenal fan?

It's too bad her resemblance hurt her career because she is beautiful.

If you need a comparison, here's a picture of Katy Perry.


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