This 7-Year-Old Perfectly Rapped A Drake Freestyle On 'Ellen'


Get this kid a contract!

Let me introduce you to the future of the music industry. His name is Young Dylan, he has insane flow, stage presence on par with everyone else in the game and a very strict bedtime.

That's because, even though he's become a social media rap god with over 65k Instagram followers, Young Dylan is still just 7-years-old.

This kid is already massive and will no doubt continue climbing that fame ladder.

Young Dylan got a chance to perform on Ellen recently and if you think he was going to let the network try and censor his work, you don't know Young Deezy.

The second he got to the stage he just started rapping about fucking.

Here is an excerpt from the performance:

I go on and on Can't understand how I last so long I must have the superpowers Last 223 thousand hours And it's cause I'm off of CC And I'm off the Hennessy And like your boy from Compton said You know this dick ain't free! I got girls that I shoulda made pay for it Got girls that I should made wait for it I got girls that'll cancel a flight back home Stay another day for it You got attitude on na na And your pussy on agua And your stomach on flat flat And your ass on what's that?

The lyrics are from "For Free" and although they did bleep out a ton of what he was singing, you can listen to the original here.

The undescended balls on Young Dylan to sing that song... bravo.

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