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Here's What Celebrities Looked Like At The AMAs 4 Years Ago (Photos)

It's finally time for the 2015 American Music Awards.

The 43rd Annual Show will be held this Sunday in Los Angeles and will be hosted by Jennifer Lopez.

Taylor Swift is leading with six nominations for the 2015 AMAs, so things will get interesting because she definitely has some competition this year.

To help prepare for the night (and to get us extra excited), let's look back at what celebrities looked like at the 2011 American Music Awards. You won't believe how much your favorite stars have changed in just four years.

Of course, we have to start with Taylor Swift. Do you even remember the days when she was solely a country singer? And check out that side pony.


In 2011, "Bad Blood" wasn't even a thing yet. When Taylor won the award for best female artist, she even HUGGED KATY PERRY. They actually embraced a few times, including when Taylor beat Katy for artist of the year. Ugh, memories.

Just in case you missed the hug, here it is, nice and blown up. What a throwback.

Speaking of Katy Perry, she rocked pink hair that night and won a Special Achievement Award for being the first pop music female to have five number one singles from one album.

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She also performed "The One That Got Away" and it was magical.

Nicki Minaj won favorite rap/hip-hop artist and album and also had pink hair. Her's is more of a light, fluffy, cotton-candy pink. It really brings out her lips.


She performed with David Guetta and sang "Turn Me On" and "Super Bass." She also wore this metallic outfit.

Remember when Ellen DeGeneres introduced the world to Sophia Grace and Rosie who became famous for their cover of "Super Bass"? Yeah, they were there too.


Joe Jonas was also there. Doesn't this bring you right back to his "Camp Rock" days?


He also hugged Sophia Grace and Rosie, so that was cute. Just look at them all, happy as can be.

Of course, we have to talk about Jennifer Lopez. Does this woman freaking age? She's looked 24 for 20 years now.


She also performed with Pitbull and was an actual goddess, what a surprise.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were still in love and dating at this time. LOOK AT BIEBER'S BOWTIE. LOOK AT SELENA'S SMILE. Young love, man. Young love.


Justin also performed the song "Mistletoe" off of his Christmas album, so that was a treat. JUST LOOK AT HOW YOUNG HE IS.

And speaking of Selena, remember when she posed with Taylor, Katy and Nicki to take this photo? THIS IS AN ICONIC MOMENT, YOU GUYS.

Not everything has changed, though. Selena and Taylor were still BFF back in the day. They stood together the whole show.

Ellie Goulding was there as well and presented the award for best R&B/Soul Female artist with Robin Thicke.


Here's Robin Thicke.


The award went to Beyoncé, but she was too busy having a baby and promoting her DVD to attend, so she gave acceptance speech virtually. Check out her video below.

Rihanna was there only in spirit as well. She won best Soul/R&B album with Loud but was on a world tour. She also gave a virtual "thank you" speech, which you can see below.

Bruno Mars won favorite punk rock male artist. Nice suit, Bruno. Very handsome.


Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera performed "Moves Like Jagger" and killed it. Check out those curls on Christina.

And look at Maroon 5, AWW. This was before Adam decided to shave his head on "The Voice."


My girl Adele won favorite pop/rock female artist but also couldn't attend because she was recovering from vocal chord surgery. WHO PICKED THIS DATE? Clearly it conflicted with lots of people's schedules.

And last but not least, LMFAO ended the night and sang "Party Rock Anthem." This sh*t was my high school jam -- 2011 was quite the year.