7 Things I Learned From Picture-Perfect Celeb Couples Splitting This Summer

Summer is supposed to be the time you go to the beach and meet a glistening dude with perfect abs, who you obviously fall in love with under the warm sunset.

There’s a reason Justin Timberlake wrote "Summer Love." Summer is romantic.

We fall in love in the summer so we have someone to keep us warm through the winter when we’re cold and hate everyone.

However, this summer is turning out to be the summer of no love.

It seems like every morning when I open my Twitter, there's breaking news of another seemingly perfect celebrity couple announcing their separation.

We’ve lost Kourney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and just recently, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

For some reason, each breakup breaks my heart a little more.

If anything has come from the tragedy of these breakups, it’s that we’ve all learned a few lessons about fame and love.

1. We shouldn’t care so much about celebrity lives and relationships.

The fact that I am affected at all by people whose relationships I am not involved in is a little discerning.

Someone else’s relationship should not affect you, or change your thoughts about love.

People want to believe celebrity relationships are perfect. And if they don’t work out, there must be no hope for us mere civilians.

Other people’s relationship failures do not determine the success of your own.

2. Celebrities are literally just like us.

As humans, we can’t make all relationships work.

Watching celebrities who seem to have perfect lives go through something we’ve all experienced makes me remember they are just people.

3. You can’t know the truth from the outside.

Celebrities show us what they want us to see. Just like we make our Instagrams portray our ideal lives, celebrities make their lives appear however they want.

They don’t show us their struggles, and we tend to accept the surface because it’s prettier than the reality.

They seemed so perfect smiling side by side on the red carpet, and he said the cutest thing about her in that interview, but that’s really all we know.

The reality is, we have no idea who these people really are and what is going on behind closed doors.

4. No one is perfect.

Not even Beyoncé is perfect. It’s really hard to admit, but it's true. Our society likes to put celebrities on a pedestal, and that's problematic.

They aren’t faultless, and they have flaws. Relationships don’t always work out for them, just as they don’t always work out for us.

5. You shouldn’t idolize celebrity relationships.

Your goals shouldn’t be directed toward people in relationships whom you really know nothing about. They aren’t characters, and this isn’t a movie.

They’re real people, and this is real life. Look up to successful relationships you have seen IRL, not beautiful and famous people.

6. Not all love is meant to last forever.

Hollywood wants us to believe otherwise, but the truth is, not all love is forever love.

And just because people break up doesn’t mean the love wasn’t great. Those couples might have been perfect for each other at one point, but the relationship wasn't meant for the long-term.

7. Marriage isn’t for everyone.

Marriage isn’t for everyone, and as a society, we should stop propagating the idea that marriage is the end game for every relationship.

Too often, people get married simply because they think they’re supposed to.

They’ve been together for a few years, are in love and think marriage is the only logical way to move forward.

This idea is outdated, and these celebrity divorces only reiterate this.

Let’s just hope that the summer of breakups is over. We’re all grieving, but at least we’re in this together.

Even though I’ve learned a lot from these breakups, I’m not going to pretend I’m not secretly hoping for some sort of perfect Hollywood ending.

I pray these couples will get back together.