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Childhood Ruined: The 'Full House' TV Movie Is Full Of Creepy Lookalikes

If you miss the days of learning important life lessons from Uncle Jesse, you'll be glad to know your favorite childhood sitcom, "Full House," will soon be returning to the small screen.

Thanks to Lifetime, a "Full House" TV movie called "Full House: The Unauthorized Story" is set to debut in August.

While the whole gang of "Full House" characters will be featured in the film, I'm sad to inform you they won't be the same faces you grew up watching.

Lifetime just unveiled its new "Full House" cast, and all I have to say about this crew is,

Have mercy.

From a distance, these guys don't look too bad, but once you get up close, you'll realize something is kind of off.

Sure, the adorable kids and 90s style are pretty on point, but there's something kind of strange and creepy about these "Full House" doppelgängers.

Among the new cast, you'll find Justin Gaston as Uncle Jesse, Stephanie Bennett as Rebecca Donaldson, Garrett Brawith as Danny Tanner, Justin Mader as Joey Gladstone, Dakota Guppy and Jordyn Olson as Stephanie Tanner, Shelby Armstrong and Brittney Wilson as DJ Tanner and Aislyn Watson and Jaime Schneider as Kimmy Gibbler.

Last but not least, the role of Michelle Tanner will be taken on by Blaise and Kinslea Todd, Calla and Tyla Jones and Kylie and Jordan Armstrong.

Say "goodbye" to the old cast of "Full House"...

...and "hello" to the creepy lookalikes of "Full House: The Unauthorized Story."

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