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Sarah Jessica Parker Weighs In On Carrie Bradshaw Ending Up With Big


Last month, Darren Star, creator of seminal HBO series “Sex and the City,” dropped a bomb that, rather than exploding in fans' faces, imploded with a meek, “No duh, Dar.”

Of the show's series finale -- in which perpetually-independent, fashion-forward journalist Carrie Bradshaw runs back into the arms of (and eventually marries) toxic ex Mr. Big -- Starr told Kindle Singles interviewer David Blum,

Seeing our heroine fold for a man who repeatedly hurt her out of a fear of exposing his emotional weaknesses was depressing even by sixth-season Bradshaw standards, but the actress who played the sex columnist is speaking out in favor of the ending.

In an interview with Yahoo! Style, Emmy winner Sarah Jessica Parker said,

Even IRL, it seems, Carrie loves Big.

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