Cardi B gave Offset $2 million for his birthday.

Wow, Cardi B Gave Offset A $2 Million Check For His 30th Birthday

Is he interested in sharing?

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Offset celebrated his birthday on Dec. 14, and let’s just say Cardi B spoiled him a little extra this year. The Migos rapper turned 30 this year, so it was a major milestone. For the big 3-0, he received a (very) generous gift from his wife, and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this.

Offset had an epic belated birthday party in Los Angeles, and some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood showed up to the bash. Kanye West was in attendance, as was Quavo and French Montana. As if the blowout wasn’t exciting enough, Cardi surprised her beau with a check worth $2 million.

"So babe, this is my birthday to you," Cardi said in a video clip taken at the party. "I know you got a lot of business ventures coming in 2022, so let's get it. Bring out the birthday cake!"

Then, instead of a cake, someone brought out a massive check made out in Offset’s name. “That’s 2 million dollars...2 million dollars!” Cardi said, before telling her hubby she loved him. Offset looked like he was in total shock, before proudly waving the check up in the air.

Ahead of the party, Cardi took to Instagram with a meaningful message about her hubby’s special day. “Happy birthday to my huuuuusband, best friend and babydaaadddyyy. I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. We have overcome so much together," Cardi wrote.

She went on to praise Offset for being an exceptional father and partner, despite their relationships woes in 2020. "I love the man that you’re becoming and I love the father that you are,” she continued. “Thank you for always being there for me, for being a great confidant and advisor and for never allowing me to sell myself short. I'm so lucky to have you as a partner raising our beautiful kids."

Cardi has a history of blessing Offset with extravagant birthday presents. In 2020, she gifted him a luxurious Lamborghini. Clearly, impressive presents are becoming a tradition, and she truly outdid herself this year.