Cardi B bought a house in NYC.

Cardi B Bought A Stunning NYC House And I'm So Proud Of Her Money Moves

Her pic in front of the staircase is everything.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Cardi B has proudly repped the Bronx from the start of her career, which makes her latest purchase all the more meaningful. The “Money” rapper officially bought her first home in New York City, and she’s so hype on having roots in the Big Apple. Cardi shared a stunning Instagram pic of her new NYC house, and let’s just say she’s living large.

Cardi spends a lot of time in Los Angeles these days (where she already owns a home), but it was about time she settled on the East Coast as well. After all, she’s a NYC girl through and through, and much of her family still lives there. She shared a snapshot of her not-so-humble abode on Nov. 2, and explained why the purchase marked such an important milestone for her.

“These days I don’t just live one place, I’m everywhere due to my work. One thing for sure I needed a home in my home city of NY!” she captioned the post. “I’m soo proud of myself. I work so hard for my children to be comfortable everywhere they are regardless of work. Me and my husband have always dreamed of having a crib in NY, and we have decided to add to our portfolio of homes, along with Atlanta and LA.”

You can see the first pic of Cardi’s extravagant new home below.

Cardi then revealed her plans for the future now that she’s a NYC homeowner. “Now having a home in NY, I can have get togethers with my family all the time!!” she wrote. “I have accomplished so many things yet I still feel far from all the goals I want to accomplish. This is one dream I can cross off…..Let me know if ya’ll want a mini tour!”

Cardi’s photo showed her standing in a massive foyer with an imperial staircase. Although the home appeared unfurnished, it already looked like a castle and Cardi looked every bit the part of a queen. I’m hoping for that mini tour she offered.