Cara Delevingne And Robb Stark Just Had The Weirdest Twitter Beef Ever


If you aren't #TeamCara on this one then you are dead to me.

Cara Delevingne had some pretty harsh words on Twitter for that dude who played Robb Stark after he called the 23-year-old model/actress/Taylor Swift SuperBestFriend "unprofessional."

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Richard Madden was asked about Cara's actions on a recent interview promoting "Paper Towns" where she RIGHTFULLY (and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise) got testy with the interviewers.

In response to the interview, Robb Stark said,

You can watch the interview here.

Let's all take a second to admit Cara was 100 percent right here. The interviewers were being dicks, and I can't imagine it's easy being asked the same question a thousand times, especially when that one question is about your commitment to the piece.

Let's also remember John Green, the author of "Paper Towns," already addressed the incident on Medium, saying Cara had every right to be annoyed with the interview.

He said,

I doubt the King in the North (Google told me Robb Stark is the King in the North and I hope that is accurate) knows more about this whole mess than John Green.

Cara fired back at Robb Stark on Twitter.

Supporters of Delevingne came out in full force, defending Cara and shunning Robb Stark like Roose Bolton. Once again, I don't know "Game of Thrones." I had to Google that. I hope it makes sense.

Thankfully, Stark squashed the beef and chalked up the whole thing to a misquotes and a slow news week.

Looks like there is no more "Bad Blood" between the two of them. #NailedIt

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