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OMG, Camila Passed Out Before Her Speech At The Cinderella Premiere

But she still made it to the stage.

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Camila Cabello faced somewhat of a scary situation at the Aug. 30 premiere of her new movie, Cinderella. Cabello stars in the feature film — a modern update to the beloved fairytale classic — and she’s already getting rave reviews. However, that doesn’t mean her performance wasn’t without a few hiccups. Camila Cabello passed out at the Cinderella premiere just before she was about to go onstage.

Cabello looked more regal than ever as she hit the red carpet on premiere night in an Oscar De La Renta gown. The actress was slated to make a speech at the star-studded event, and in one part of her monologue, she revealed she almost didn’t get a chance to speak to the crowd.

"I’m sorry, I just passed out, but I’m back! I literally just passed out, and now I’m back and I’m ready to read my notes," Cabello said. Thankfully, she seemed just fine and didn’t miss a beat. "First of all! Thanks for being here. I wrote this down so I wouldn’t forget. All I can say is this was such an incredible experience," she added.

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Nerves aside, Cabello’s speech was poignant and revealed why it was so important to her to sign on for the film.

"I believed in this movie so much, Cabello said. “All I wanted was to enjoy it, and not fu*k it up. And I’m happy I didn’t f*ck it up. And I’m grateful for everybody who believed in me enough to give me the opportunity."

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The film also stars James Corden, Idina Menzel, Nicholas Galitzine, and Billy Porter. As Porter told Insider in March 2020, the film is Cinderella for a new generation.

"It's not about women needing a man for validation. It's about women empowering themselves, and that's a really great message to be sending out into the world," he said.

Cinderella is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 3.