Joey Batey as Jaskier in 'The Witcher' Season 2

The Witcher Season 2 Has A New Banger

And here are the lyrics.

by Ani Bundel
Susie Allnut/Netflix

Netflix’s The Witcher Season 1 was a massive hit. Not only did Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s show capture both the spirit of the short stories and the video games, but it also brought a sense of fun to the proceedings. Nowhere was that more evident than in the song “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher,” a viral earworm that was everywhere after Season 1’s premiere. Luckily for fans, the new season brings Jaskier a follow-up hit. Check out the lyrics to “Burn” in The Witcher Season 2, so you can sing along to the Continent’s new Top 10 single.

Warning: Spoilers for The Witcher Season 2 follow. Jaskier’s first major hit single, “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher,” was inspired by his initial journey with Geralt and their adventure meeting the Elven King, Filavandrel. But like most pop albums of their day, Jaskier discovered one hit wasn’t enough. Sophomore albums are always tricky, so the bard attached himself to Geralt, claiming he hoped for another bolt of inspiration, although Yennefer was pretty sure he hoped for Geralt’s heart as well.

Though their encounter with a dragon, Vilentretenmerth, was undoubtedly one that deserved a song, the breakup that followed hit Jaskier deepest. After Yennefer declared she couldn’t be with Geralt, he turned around and took it out on Jaskier, leaving the bard flat and saying he hoped they never met again.

Season 2 takes a few episodes before Jaskier reappears, but when he does, it’s with his new single, which is currently taking the Continent by storm. However, despite Jaskier’s protest that it’s a universal song and could be about anyone, it was one that “came from the heart, perhaps a broken one.” Like Adele, the man is clearly mining his heartbreak for hits.

Here are the lyrics to Jaskier’s big breakup ballad, “Burn,” for you to sing at the next Continent karaoke contest.

I hear you’re alive, how disappointing

I’ve also survived, no thanks to you

Did I not bring you some glee, Mr. Oh-Look-At-Me

Now I’ll burn all the memories of you

All those lonely nights

As I burn all the memories of you

(Ladies and gentlemen, you have been the most beautiful audience! Remember to toss a coin if you can! If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the bar.)

What for do you yearn?

It’s the point of no return

After everything we did, we saw

You turned your back on me

What for do you yearn?

Watch that Butcher burn!

At the end of my days when I’m through

No word that I’ve written will ring quite as true

As burn

Burn, Butcher, burn!

Burn, Butcher, burn!

Burn, burn, burn!

Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn...


Watch me burn all the memories of you

All eight episodes of The Witcher Season 2 are streaming on Netflix.