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Jungkook's Birthday Song For ARMY Has Lyrics That'll Make You An Emotional Wreck

I'm sobbing, you're sobbing, we're ALL sobbing.

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Jungkook kicked off his 24th birthday celebrations with none other than his ARMY! On Tuesday, Aug. 31 (Sept. 1 in Korea), he logged onto VLIVE to chat with fans and even composed a song on the spot with them. He created the track using an instrumental he already had and then wrote the lyrics using fans’ comments. The end result was nothing short of amazing, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how BTS and ARMYs work so well together. You need to read BTS' Jungkook's 24th birthday VLIVE song lyrics. They’ll make you emotional, especially the last line.

Hours before he began streaming, Jungkook went on Weverse to share a selfie and ask fans if they could send him notes he could eventually turn into lyrics. “My birthday's coming up soon..! If there was anything you’ve always wanted to say to me please post them here! (like song lyrics),” he said, according to a translation by @btstranslation7. He later clarified his post, explaining their messages didn’t have to be specifically for his birthday, but just their overall thoughts about him. “I meant I want you to write anything you’ve ever wanted to say to me, regardless of my birthday in a few sentences ‘like lyrics,’” he added.

Jungkook ended up receiving countless messages on Weverse from fans around the world. He said reading them was so “healing” and he would be writing a song with ARMYs’ comments live during the stream. Jungkook began by writing the following lyrics: “For every day I miss you. For every hour I need you/ For every minute I feel you/ For every second I want you.” He made sure to practice and match the lyrics’ pace with the instrumental track. When he was done, Jungkook told ARMYs, “And that is how a song is made! It’ll be our little thing.”

Watch Jungkook sing a snippet of the track below.

According to a translation by @clovdninev95, the full lyrics to Jungkook’s 24th birthday VLIVE song go as follows:

For every day I miss you

For every hour I need you

For every minute I feel you

For every second I want you

For every day I miss you

For every hour I need you

For every minute I feel you

For every second I want you

In the darkness late at night

I lay awake thinking

No hope inside

Suddenly in the distance

Shining like a purple light

You turn around

And smile so bright

Reaching out

You take my hand

And from then on and on

Everything will be alright

Someday the dark clouds will pass

The rainbow will appear and

The sun rays will welcome me

Your every smile

Your every word

You are the one who makes me smile, ARMY

Check out the full translation below.

Jungkook should definitely do this again with ARMYs!